Canadian Style Paddling

Level 2

Description: Canadian Style Paddling is sometimes referred to as canoe dance. This is due to the beauty of observing paddlers and canoe connected as if one entity executing precision in manoeuvres. What this course provides is instruction in better understanding the relation ship between the execution of a paddle stroke and the effects it has on the action of the canoe. CSP Level 2 builds upon the skills and knowledge attained in Basic Canoeing Level 4 so that paddlers are able to control the canoe with a very high degree of finesse. Though the course is conducted in still water, the knowledge and skill gained is directly applicable to paddling in all recreational situations. These enhanced skills make paddling so much more pleasurable!

Dates: As arranged to meet your needs.

Location: TBC

Cost: $350

Note: Includes instruction and skills evaluation only.

Contact us for details at:

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