Our Vision

At Discover Paddling we believe that with a foundation of sound skills, individuals will more safely and with a greater degree of personal comfort, plan and conduct a lifetime of experiences in the great outdoors.  We also believe that basic and intermediate level skills are more quickly mastered and retained if given in an experiential learning environment.  To that end, we prefer to teach and develop canoeing and tripping skills through the medium of wilderness tripping experiences. 

During guided trips we begin with teaching or reviewing basic flatwater and, as required, moving water skills before we travel any great distances.  During the paddling portion of the subsequent days, we refine these skills, learn new ones appropriate to the water we are paddling, and progressively enhance our tripping and canoeing capabilities.  In this manner paddlers are able to gain confidence with their new found skills in practical circumstances under the strict safety and supervision of expert instructors and guides.

We also believe that wilderness canoe tripping is a team endeavour.  Every member of the team participates fully in all aspects, be it setting up camp, preparation and clean-up of meals or sharing the responsibility for the welfare and satisfaction or enjoyment of all others.  Respect for self, each other, the environment, and those that we meet are cornerstones of our approach.

We believe that the destination or distance traveled is not the most important aspect of a canoeing experience, rather it is the journey.  A wilderness experience must give time for reflection, and time to become one with our environment.

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