For Seniors

As an older paddler myself I feel that I have the ability to tailor paddling instruction unique to the needs and aspirations of the more mature or senior age group that someone younger may not. Thus I have designed some paddling training specific to this age group.

Perhaps you are only interested in renting a canoe for a couple of hours at a lake or resort but have hestitated because you have no experience. My Paddling for Beginners is a single day of instruction designed to make you comfortable enough for just such an experience, an opportunity for gentle exercise and fresh air in natures paradise.

Looking for just a little bit more? Perhaps a day long paddle around the lake or on a river with the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch on the shore? If you are not sure that you are comfortable enough in a canoe for such an adventure this course will help. Or maybe you have done some canoeing before but you can improve your strokes to make it less work and more enjoyable. Check out Intermediate Paddling.

Okay, so you have paddled day excursions on rivers and lakes. Now you would like to experience an overnight trip to savour the serenity and beauty of the wilderness removed from the crowds and car camping set. You just lack the experince of organizing and planning such an event and are not sure that you have the equipment. I can help. I can plan and organise a gentle introduction to canoe camping, provide the equipment and food and be your guide. Contact me to arrange your tripping experince on smoothwater or moving water.

Looking for some teaching to be able to trip on your own? This is the basic concept behind my Advanced Canoeing Class.

Maybe you are comfortable in your paddling skills but are looking to buy your own canoe and would like to learn more first. You want to be a more knowledgeable shopper. Perhaps it is just some personal coaching to improve your skills. You could benefit from some Specialty Training designed just for you.

Whatever your needs and desires, if you want to get some gentle exercise, lots of fresh air and instruction that is not aimed at the younger thrill seeking paddlers, contact us.

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