Canoe Tripping Level 1

Description: This course is designed as an introduction to canoe tripping for those with little or no experience. The goal is to make you a competent and comfortable participant on wilderness canoe trips.The emphasis is on wilderness canoe camping skills and safety. It will be conducted as an experiential course on a three day river canoe trip. Moving water skills are not required. Canoe paddling skills coaching will be part of the daily trip routine. kayakers are also welcome to participate in this course. They will be required to spend some time paddling a canoe to demonstrate proficiency with a canoe.

Dates: As requested.

Location: Lower Madawaska River

Price: $ 495

Note:Price includes instruction, food and group camp equipment only. Taxes extra. Outfitting is also available for those that do not have their own camping equipment.

For details contact us at:

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