Advanced Canoeing Class

This course is designed for those who are comfortable on day long excursions and would now like to experience a relaxed over night canoe camping trip. The concept is to teach basic canoe tripping skills and then under the guidance of an experineced canoe tripping guide to put that knowledge and new skills to work in a controlled setting.

This is a multi-day course. We will first undertake some theory and basic skills training at home on dry land. This part of the course will introduce you to essential canoe tripping equipment and clothing. It will proceed to trip planning including risk assessment and management and menu planning. We will learn about what and how to pack for our personal needs and for the group.

Now that we are comfortable with the theory we will put it into use on a short overnight canoe trip under my guidance and leadership. All camping and tripping equipment will be provided and a list of personal clothing and items supplied.

Guaranteed to be fun and informative, you will want to continue canoe tripping on your own!

Contact us for details and to book your tripping experince.

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