Paddling for Beginners

This one day course is designed to make you feel comfortable enough in a tandem (two person) canoe to spend a couple of hours paddling the local river or lake. The emphasis is on safety and the ability to be confident in the canoe with basic strokes. You will learn to maintain stability and balance and be able to travel short distances in calm waters. Nothing fancy here. We just want to get you into the canoe paddling experience with sufficient knowledge and skill that you will enjoy yourself and perhaps be eager to do it again often. No experience is necessary for this course.

We will spend the better part of one day introducing you to the canoe and essential paddling equipment. Time will be spent on making you aware of safe canoeing procedures. You will be taught how to launch and remove a canoe from a dock and shore line as well as the safest way to enter and exit the canoe. Paddling positions and balance will be taught so that you feel comfortable and stable in the canoe. Some very basic paddling strokes such as the forward stroke, draw and pry will be practiced as will fundamental canoe manoeuvres such as paddling in a straight line, turning and stopping.

Plan on spending four to six hours on this course.

Contact us for details and reserving your date.

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