Mature Paddlers

We believe that tripping is more than just canoeing, a trip is the sum of all its parts. We believe that all parts of our trips should be equally enjoyable. We believe that being comfortable is important, and we pack accordingly.

Our trips are generally slightly longer in duration than others may offer. Our trip pace allows for plenty of time to enjoy the whole journey.

We expect to explore interesting sites along the route and to take advantage of good swimming and fishing locations. Portages are an integral aspect of any trip. Racing over portages burdened with heavy loads takes away from discovering the beauty of the trail and surroundings. We are prepared to take more than two lifts to complete a portage.

Meals are a social occasion where we enjoy both the preparation and consumption communally. Our menus are varied and exciting. Nutrition and stimulation of the tastebuds add to the adventure.

Just as with life, a wilderness trip is about learning and developing. Whether it is canoeing or tripping skills, knowledge of the flora and fauna, social or geological history, trip participants will have a variety of expertise that we can all share.

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