Lower Madawaska River Trip Itinerary

As the Lower Madawaska River, and most particularly the Snake Rapids portion from Aumond's Bay to Buck Bay is becoming increasingly well used by white water enthusiasts as a weekend training run, this trip is best started on a Sunday or Monday to avoid the possibility of campsites being taken already.

Day One: We will meet at the end, that is to say in Griffith on Highway 41. From this location we can arrange vehicle shuttle and rental of canoes etc if required. We will then shuttle to the put in at Palmer Rapids, on Highway 515. A scenic and quiet paddle of 13 km of flat water will give us a chance to warm up our paddling skills and boat teamwork before we hit the first set of rapids. This first set, Aumond's Rapids, is in three sections and is a nice skills tester for things to come later on the river. Our camp this night will be on river left below Aumond's Bay.

Day Two: This is play day on the first half of Snake Rapids, a section of the river that contains 8 excellent rapids within about an 8 km stretch. Luckily, we can warm up first with a stretch of flat water before we arrive at the first in this series of 8, Island Rapids. We will likely spend some time here reading the water and playing in it to prepare for the rest of the series. There are five more rapids planned (Dog Leg Rapid; Shallow Rapids; The Narrows; Exam Time Rapids) before we camp for the night below Rifle Chute. Water levels and skill levels will determine the amount of portaging necessary. Remember, there are portages around all of the rapids for those that don't wish to run them. (In a five day trip we will spend two nights here and spend a full day at play in Rifle Chute and others nearby.)

Day Three: We start off the day with two exciting rapids, Split Rock and Raquette. These are two short portages if that is necessary. These are followed by a 4 km stretch of flat water that leads us to the mandatory portage around Slate Falls. We have the option of camping below the falls or continuing a short distance to the area of Crooked Rapids. If we camp here there is also the option to take the trail to climb Jamieson Mountain to gain a panoramic view of the river valley.

Day Four: This is equally a fun day with two sets of rapids to play in and Highland Falls. We finish off with a short and serene 2 km paddle to the take out.

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